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Rendering Pipeline


When the Screen is drawn, the SDK iterates the Screen's UIElements tree and for each UIElement the SDK executes the following pipeline:

Rendering Rates

The SDK enables defining the maximum rendering rate for a screen

The rendering rates are balanced between phone CPU, glasses power consumption and UI experience

The SDK supports the following rendering rates:

Rate Fastest Rendering Frequency Description
efficient 2Hz Automatically used by the firmware update process. Usually should not be used
normal 5Hz The default SDK rendering rate
animation 25Hz Used automatically when animations are in progress
fast 30Hz Use on LOS (Line Of Sight) related use cases , when the screen is loaded with many elements (los rate might be leggy)
los 50Hz LOS (Line Of Sight) optimized rendering rate. Used for LOS related UI

Bandwidth Optimization

The rendering rate and user experience is highly dependent on the phone's Bluetooth performance. Old phones or very loaded UI may cause the Bluetooth stack to be overflowed with data.

The SDK will try to keep the requested rendering rate, and will optimize it according to the actual phone bluetooth performance and data load.

The rate will be dynamically adjusted to provide continuous minimal latency of the rendering pipeline.

The active rendering rate will never go faster than the requested rate, but it may temporary reduced when overload is detected.

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