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Starting application development

Taking the first steps

The Maverick SDK provides standard iOS and Android libraries, enabling configure, control and display information on the Maverick smart glasses display.

In order to start Maverick application development, you need to establish a standard iOS or Android development environment:

  1. Install xCode or Android Studio
  2. Download our Maverick SDK libraries from our SDK GitHub repository
  3. Verify you have your API Key
  4. Continue reading the SDK documentation
  5. Build and run the "Hello World" iOS or Android Samples

OS Compatibility

Platform From Version
iOS iOS 14
Android Android 8.1
Apple Watch* 5.0
WearOS 2.0

*Due to Apple Watch limitation, Bluetooth does not have a permission to run in the background. As a result, Apple Watch applications must be in the foreground to use the glasses.

Learn about the Architecture