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Libraries & API

SDK Libraries

The SDK has 2 libraries, that together supply all the SDK functionalities:

Name iOS Android
EvsKit EvsKit.xcframework EvsKit.aar
NativeEvsKit NativeEvsKit.xcframework NativeEvsKit.jar


The EvsKit is the main entry point to all capabilities. In addition, it bootstraps the SDK.

The library contains platform based codebase, to supply OS dedicated capabilities, like bluetooth communication and resources handling.


A common code base for iOS and Android, implemented in kotlin native. Contains most of the SDK logic.

API Structure

The SDK exposes several interfaces to enable developers to control and interact with the glasses.

Block Diagram

The following block diagram describes the various SDK packages (and interfaces in accordance):

Block Diagram


The Evs singleton is the entry point for the whole SDK functionality.

It exposes the Evs.instance() method, which returns the IEvsApp interface that gives access to the SDK features, as follows:

IEvsApp Service Interface Description For Example
glasses() IEvsGlassesStateService Handles the glasses state Battery %, serial number
display() IEvsDisplayService Handles the glasses display Brightness, turn display off
screens() IEvsScreenService Handles the glasses UI screens Add screen, remove screen
sensors() IEvsSensorsService handles the glasses sensors Enable\disable sensors
auth() IEvsAuthService Handles the sdk api keys Set API Key
comm() IEvsCommunicationService Handles the communication to the glasses Set glasses Bluetooth device, connect
ota() IEvsOtaService Handles the glasses firmware updates Start firmware update, new version available

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